What is an Advertisement ?

An Advertisement is a kind of public notice asking for or offering services or buying and selling property, goods etc., or providing information about missing persons, pets, etc.

 There are two kinds of advertisements:

  1. Classified;
  2. Commercial

♦ Classified Advertisements:

You will come across classified advertisements in the columns of newspapers and magazines. Important features of a Classified Advertisement are:

  • No blocks, no designs and the language to be factual.
  • Simple, formal and to the point.
  • Comprehensive, yet must not leave any important matter.
  • Never be too lengthy (confine to the word limit).


♦ Important Tips to be followed:

 ♦ Classified advertisements

  1. Clearly state the category at the top, e.g., Tor Sale’, ‘To Let’, etc.
  2. Give all necessary details in points using commAnswer:
  3. Give contact address, name and telephone number.
  4. Put the matter in a box.

♦ Kinds of Classified Advertisements:

  1. Situation Vacant/Wanted
  2. Lost and found
  3. Sale and purchase
  4. Accommodation wanted
  5. Educational
  6. Placement services
  7. Matrimonial
  8. To Let
  9. Tuitions
  10. Packers and Movers
  11. Kennel
  12. Tour and Travels.

♦ Let’s study more

♦ Situation Vacant


  1. Specify the post and number of vacancies
  2. Qualities of the person required
  3. Name of the Company (optional)
  4. Age and sex of the candidate
  5. Payscale and perks
  6. Mode of applying
  7. Contact address and phone number
♦ To-Let

to let

  • Type of accommodation, Number of rooms/ floor
  • Whether it is independent or an apartment.
  • Rent expected
  • Type of tenant required: Bank employee / small family.
  • Whom and when to contact.
  • Contact address/phone number
♦ Kennel


  • Breed of dog
  • Age
  • Color
  • Training
  • Price expected
  • Contact address and phone number
Packers And Movers


  • Specify the services
  • Give reason why you should be given a chance
  • Area of work
  • Whom to contact
  • Contact address and phone number
♦ Vehicles For Sale

  • Make Maruti/Hyundai/Honda, etc.
  • Model/colour/accessories/year of manufacture/mileage
  • Condition
  • Ownership details
  • Price expected
  • Contact address/phone number
♦ Property For Sale


  • Location: where it is
  • Area: In square metre/yards
  • Name of the development authority
  • Price expected
  • Contact address/ phone number.
♦ Lost And Found

lost and found

  • Begin with LOST/FOUND
  • Description of the article
  • When & where the article was lost/found
  • Reward for finding it
  • Contact address and phone number
♦ Travels And Tours

tour and travels

  • Name of the agency
  • Destinations and durations
  • Details of the package
  • Discounts, if any
  • Contact address/phone number
♦ Tuitions


  • Classes and subjects
  • Special qualities of the tutor
  • Qualifications and experience of the tutor
  • Previous results of his/her students
  • Contact address/ phone number
♦ Housi/Flat For Sale

flats for sale

  • Type of accommodation. No. of rooms/floor
  • Whether it is independent or an apartment
  • Price expected/negotiable
  • Location—where it is
  • Area: In sq. metres/ yards
  • Name of the development authority
  • Whom and when to contact
  • Contact address/phone number

♦ Commercial Advertisements:

♦ Commercial or Display Advertisements

  • These are designed for commercial purposes.
  • Require more space, hence are costly. Must be attractive with visuals, catchy phrases and slogans
♦ Main Features:
    1. Must be attractive with a catchy caption, heading or sub-headings.
    2. Figurative language (alliteration and metaphors especially).
    3. The proportionate spacing of fonts with different sizes.
    4. Usually attractive with catchy slogans, punch lines, witty expressions, pictures or sketches.
    5. Special offers or discount, if any.
    6. Details of the product or event given in a clear, precise way.
    7. Give name, contact number and address of the advertiser.
    8. Present the matter in a box.

      Let’s understand the concept with a video

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